William Henry Caddy: born 1863

Born: Sep 1863 – Congleton Chester ENG
Died:  Oct 1939 – Northam Government Hosp. WA. Australia
Father: Thomas Edward CADDY (1835-1908)
Mother: Ellen RYAN (Abt 1838- )
Marriage:  Sep 1889 Place: All Saints Church,
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Wife: Emmeline BREWIN

1 F Dorothy Emmeline CADDY
Born: 1891 – Radford, Nottingham, England
2 M Thomas Brewin CADDY
Born: 1893 – Radford, Nottingham, England

I haven’t obtained the birth certificate of William Henry Caddy, however, we know from the FreeBMD that he was born in the 3rd quarter of 1863 to Thomas Edward Caddy and Ellen Ryan in Cheshire, UK. We were able to identify him and his birth place from census records where he first appeared along with his family in 1871 Census of 10 Cathcart Street, Nottingham.

Thomas E Caddy, Head, Mar, 36, Iron Moulder, Born Ireland
Ellen Caddy, Wife, Mar, 32, Born Ireland
Joseph Caddy, son, 13, Scholar, Born Ireland
James Caddy, son, 12, Scholar, Born Cheshire, Congleton
Thomas E Caddy, son, 9, Scholar, Born Cheshire, Sandbach
Henry W Caddy, son, 7, Scholar, Born Cheshire, Congleton
Mary E Caddy, dau, 5, Scholar, Born Wiltshire, Swindon
Jane A Caddy, dau, 3, Born Wilshire, Swindon

William is also listed in 1881 living with his family at 6 Croft Place

Thomas E Caddy, Head, Married, 45, Iron Moulder, Born Ireland
Ellen Caddy, Wife, Married, 43, Ireland
Joseph Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 23, Clerk Civil Service, Ireland
James Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 22, Iron Moulder, Born Cheshire, Congleton
Thomas E Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 20, Machine Fitter, Cheshire, Sandbach
William H Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 17, Commercial Clerk, Cheshire, Congleton
Mary E Caddy, Daughter, Unmarried, 15, Pupil Teacher, Cheshire, Sandbach
Jane A Caddy, Daughter, Unmarried, 13, Scholar, Wiltshire, Swindon

William married Emmeline Brewin in September of 1889 at All Saints Church, Nottingham.
We then find him in the census of 1891 at 6 Studley Terrace, Potternewton, Leeds. Being a commercial traveller in engineering, could he be promoting the services of Caddy & Co of Nottingham?

As noted here, William and Emmeline now have a daughter, aged 5 months, born in Yorkshire, Leeds.

William H Caddy, Head, M, 27, Commercial Traveller (Engineering), born Ireland
Emmeline Caddy, Wife, M, 23, Born Nottinghamshire, Old Radford
Dorothy E Caddy, dau, s, 5mo, born Yorkshire, Leeds
Lucy Lowe, Serv, S, 17, Domestic Servant (General), born Shropshire, Opengates

William is next found back in Nottingham and from the 1901 census is living at 85 Losiac Road with his wife, daughter and a son of 8 years. However, NOTE: daughter Dorothy is now said to have been born in Radford, Nottingham. What were they thinking? However, on further investigation through the FreeBMD website, Dorothy Emmeline Caddy is born in the December quarter of 1890, in Nottingham and Thomas Brewin Caddy is born in the March quarter of 1893.

William H Caddy, Head, M, 36, Engineer Traveller, worker, Born Cheshire
Emmeline Caddy, wife, M, 32, Born Notts Radford
Dorothy E Caddy, dau, S, 10, Scholar, Born Notts, Radford
Tom B Caddy, son, S, 8, Scholar, Born Notts, Radford
Ann Brewin, Mother in law, M, 67, Born Derbyshire, Derby

We know from family stories that William heads down under and Kylie Chapman has found him on the passenger list of the Steamship Oruba which departed London on the 6th March 1908, bound for Fremantle, Australia. We will follow William and his family in further posts.

UK Outward Passenger list


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