Victorian Tradecard

It’s funny the things that you can find on ebay. I hadn’t even thought to have a look, however, when I posted recently about Thomas Caddy’s invention of a fire bar, Kylie Chapman hopped online and found these Tradecards from the 1800s being sold on ebay. I couldn’t resist purchasing them to have among our Caddy collection, so after checking with Kylie that she was fine with my ordering them, I sent off the required $7.99 US with $3.00 postage. About $12AU.  The card duly arrived a couple of weeks later, carefully package in a plastic envelope with the corner slightly worn. Authentic?? I think so, but I’d be curious as to how the trader had it as she was from America.



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8 Responses to Victorian Tradecard

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  3. GeniAus says:

    It pays to look on eBay which I don’t do too often. The treasure I found is a funeral card for an ancestor. Perhaps it’s worth purring in an alert for Caddy but then you may end up with a lot of tea containers.

  4. john herbert says:

    Great find Jenny. We collect old books and you would be surprised what we find in them, old cards, advertising etc being used as book marks. Could be they were book marks?

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Quite Possibly John and the find was all Kylie’s,and very exciting. I don’t think it would have mattered what the cost was. Within reason of course. Amazing find. You can see in the photo that the corner is ever so slightly worn.

  5. raymond says:

    As my Mother would exclaim.`Well I never`.

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