Henry Caddy: born circa 1790

Born: Cir 1790
Died: 1853 – Church Place, Galway, Ireland
Father: John CADDY (could this be Joseph Caddy who died in 1796 whose grave I stood beside at St Nicholas??)
Mother: unknown
Marriage: 1813 Place: St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland

Wife: Mary BULGER
Died: 1833 – St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland

Other Spouse: Mary MANNING
Date: 1847 – St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland


1 M Joseph CADDY
Born: 1814 – Galway, Ireland
Died: 1839 – Oughterard, Galway, Ireland
Spouse: Margaret LEAN
Marr. Date: 1833 – St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland

2 M Edward CADDY
Born: Abt Apr 1821 – Galway, Ireland
Died: 9 Jan 1902 – Springfield Ohio
Spouse: Anna Harriet (Henoria) MORGAN (Abt 1823-1885)
Marr. Date: 1846 – St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland

3 F Mary CADDY
Spouse: Phirls ARCHIBOLD
Marr. Date: 11 Feb 1839 – St Nicholas, Galway, Ireland
Spouse: Hugh McPHERSON
Marr. Date: 1814 – St Nicholas Galway GAL IRE

4 M Robert CADDY
Born: 22 Nov 1827

5 M William Henry CADDY
Born: 27 Dec 1831


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