St Nicholas Church, Galway

Today I want to share with you some photos of some Caddy’s in the graveyard at St Nicholas Church, Galway. The church has a treasure trove of stories and I will share one of these in another post. It is linked however tenuously in some cases to the Knights Templars, Santa Claus (in more ways than one!), Christopher Columbus and Oliver Cromwell. It is also said to be the largest medieval parish church in Ireland still in use. Bob and I were fortunate to be able to have time to do a tour inside the church as well as view the graves outside.

In 1992 I received a letter from the St Nicholas Church sexton, with various entries from their parish registers, then later through an online forum,  a gentleman from the National University of Ireland sent some details from a book called “Monuments of St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, Galway” by Jim Higgins and Susanne Heringklee.  In 1998, just before my visit to Ireland, I contacted the Galway Family History Society West and they provided me with information, not just on the burials, but also marriages and deaths, plus a map of the churchyard where the Caddy stones were located.

The following was one of the inscriptions:-
Here lieth the remains of Joseph Caddy who dept this life 15 July 1796,
aged 50 years.
Here lieth the remains of Henry Cox who dept this life 26 Jan 1829 aged 98 years who was Sexton of this church 7 yrs and his wife Mary Cox dept this life 2 May 1836 agd 76 yrs.
Here lieth the remains of a true and faithful wife and mother Mary Caddy
who dept this life much regretted on the 17 March 1833 aged 40 yrs.

To date, I haven’t established who this Joseph Caddy is, although I’m sure he’s connected somehow.

 St Nicholas Church, Galway  Caddy Graves at St Nicholas Church, Galway

There was another Joseph Caddy, in the registers, who lived in Oughterard, a small town 26klm north west of Galway. There was no inscription for his grave, however his age was given as being 25 years and buried November 4th, 1839.  Joseph is the father of Thomas Edward Caddy born 1835.

This is the map I used to find the Caddy grave. According to the book noted above, the grave was number 172. It had been well and truly worn and no inscription could be read, thank goodness for the group that transcribed these headstones many years earlier.

Plan for St Nicholas Church Galway


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  4. raymond says:

    what a find ,hello to all my ancestors,God Bless.I find all this very interesting indeed.

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