James Ryan Caddy: born 1859

James Ryan CaddyJames Ryan CADDY
Birth: 1859 – Congleton, Chester, England
Died: 1931 – Northam, Western Australia
Buried: 1931 – Northam, Western Australia
Father: Thomas Edward CADDY (1835-1908)
Mother: Ellen RYAN (Abt 1838- )
Marriage: 1883 Place: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Wife: Ann CARSON
Born: 1861 – West Hallam, Derbyshire, England
Died:  1941 – Northam, Western Australia
Buried:  1941 – Northam, Western Australia
Father: John CARSON (1825-1873)
Mother: Anne HOLLINGWORTH (1829-1882)

Thomas Hollingsworth CADDY (1884-1961) Spouse: Edith Mary CANNON (1880-1953) Married 1906
Constance Mary Ellen CADDY (1886-1922) Spouse: Robert Thomas TAYLOR (1882-1964) Married: 1909
James Horatio CADDY (1887-1924) Spouse: Georgina CANNON (1885-1964) Married: 1914
Constance Annie CADDY (1889-1966) Spouse: James Harold HERBERT (1885-1943) Married: 1910
Florence CADDY (1891-1925)
John William Victor CADDY (1892-1983) Spouse: Annie WATSON
Vera Mary CADDY (1894-1969) Spouse: Joseph Reginald FOLEY (1893-1969) Married: 1922
William Henry CADDY (1896-1947) Spouse: Marjory Doris EATON (c1899-1986) Married: 1920
Norman G Trent CADDY (1899-1993) Spouse: Muriel May HENLEY (1900-1963) Married: 1925
Albert Edward CADDY (1900-1976) Spouse: Natalie Alice DURNIN (1903-1978) Married: 1925
Reginald CADDY (1902-1997)  Spouse: Ruth Margurite JONES (1899-1996) Married: 1926
Edwin Canna CADDY (1904-1978) Spouse: Gladys Irene HAGAN (1904-1998)

Bankruptcy articles in the newspaper of 1903

A Real Treasure

Passenger List

A Business in Engineering

James Ryan’s Obituary

James was born on the 24 March 1859 and died 15 December 1931, 47 years after arriving on the Lady Douglas, 8 July 1884 in Fremantle, Western Australia, with his wife Constance and son Thomas.

James married Constance Annie Carson in the Parish of Radford, Nottingham at St Peter’s Church.

From a previous post A Business in Engineering, we learnt that the Caddy’s were on the same ship as the Tomlinson family with whom James set up a partnership, Tomlinson Bros, Engineers in Perth.  Four years later he moved to Northam where he established iron works in premises in Wellington Street on the site that was then occupied by Westralian Farmers. After a few years the partnership was dissolved, and James entered into the employ of Mr J McDowell, the contractor for the Eastern Railway. He became a ganger and worked right through to the head of the line. The chief engineer of the railway and the water pipeline was C. Y. O’Connor, an Irish engineer best known for bringing the pipeline from Perth out to the goldfields at Kalgoorlie. On the lines completion, James then went into partnership with Mr E T Henley, he established the Avonside Iron Works.

He retired from the partnership and took up the position of brass and iron moulder with Messrs H & H Withnell in whose employ he remained until five years before ill-health compelled him to relinquish work. When the Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed in Northam he took a keen interest in its affairs and it may be attributable to that fact that no less than five of his sons became ardent firemen.  James was described as a very generous man and of a most jovial disposition and would be missed by many of his friends. (excerpt from obituary in the Northam Advertiser)


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