Here he is!

Here’s my great grandfather James Caddy, born on the 24th March 1859 at Silk Street, Congleton, a sub-district of the Counties of Chester and Stafford. His father is Thomas Caddy; Occupation Iron Moulder and mother, Ellen Caddy formerly Ryan. Note that on this birth certificate, there is no mention of James being named James Ryan Caddy.

After reading other posts, are you noticing how much they’ve been moving around?

Let’s do a bit of a Time Line for James here.

Born 1859 – Silk Street, Congleton, Cheshire

Census 1861 – Union Street, Sandbach, Cheshire

Census 1871 – 10 Cathcart Street, St Mary, Nottingham

Census 1881 – 6 Croft Place, Radford, Nottingham

Marriage 1883 – 1 Fountain Terrace, Nottingham

Immigrated 1884 – Arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia

We know at least every 10 years they’ve moved address. But wait there’s more… ! Now that we are back to James’ birth, we will now start looking at his parents, Thomas Caddy and Ellen nee Ryan and trace their time back to when they arrived in England from Ireland. Keep reading the posts to find out more about Thomas and Ellen Caddy. Starting at 1871.


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