The Birthplace of James Ryan Caddy

Although there is much more to learn about the Caddy’s in Nottingham and during their time in Northam, I will keep stepping back in time as far as I had previously gone when I was actively researching and my subsequent visit to Ireland in 1998. Since that time, so much more that is now available online, so we will come back and put some more flesh on the bones of the family.

In the previous census records of 1881 and 1871, we have found that James Ryan Caddy was born in Congleton, Cheshire. I always remember nanna telling me that she was Irish and as we have seen, it is James’ parents, Thomas and Ellen who were born in Ireland. Let’s keep going and I’ll show you more in my next posts.

Below is the census of 1861 and here we have James as a two year old, living with his parents and older brother Joseph in Union Street, Sandbach, Cheshire. Cheshire is a maritime county in western England, bounded on the northwest by the Irish Sea.

1861 Census, Sandbach, Cheshire

Union Street, Cheshire
Thomas Caddy, Head, mar, 28, Iron Moulder, Born Ireland
Ellen Caddy, Wife, mar, 26, Born Ireland
Joseph Caddy, Son, 3, Born Ireland
James Caddy, Son, 2, Born Cheshire, Congleton

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