Stepping Back 10 Years to 1871

When we step back through the years, we find the Caddy’s living on Cathcart Street, Nottingham during the 1871 census. A quick search online and we find that it is not a very nice area nowadays. What with ongoing fights between gangs using machetes and razors, murders and rapes! We must wonder if this was a rough area 100 years previously when this census was taken.

James is all of 12 years old and is a scholar, meaning that he was attending school. What school that would have been, I still need to find out. Hopefully, there will be some school records that are accessible. The occupations of the neighbours, show another head of the family is an iron moulder as was James’ father Thomas E Caddy. There is a painter, silk and lace makers, and even a venetian blind maker. Certainly a working class suburb or village.

We also know that James’ future wife to be, Annie Carson is not far away in Derbyshire, she too is a scholar at the age of 9.

On our trip to England in 1998 we visited a family who were keen family historians. They drove us around everywhere and stopped so I could have my photo taken with the signs of the Borough’s that Annie Carson and her family were from.

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