Who Shall be Named Constance?

It is very interesting to note the name Constance. My grandmother Annie Herbert went by the name of Constance Annie on her wedding day and when she died. However at birth, she is listed as Annie. She also had a sister, named Constance Mary Ellen who was born with the name Constance. Why then did my grandmother take the name as well? We know that their mother was Constance Annie Caddy nee Carson.

Births of Annie and Constance Mary Ellen from the WA Online Indexes

Marriages of now Constance Annie to James Herbert and Constance Mary Ellen to Robert Taylor from the WA Online Indexes

Birth Extract for Annie Caddy – Herbert – Born 1st March 1889

Death certificate of Constance Annie Herbert nee Caddy – 26th December 1966

Birth Certificate of Annie Carson mother of Constance Annie and Constance Mary Ellen.

Note that she is registered as Anne. Where did the name Constance come from?

If you’re reading this blog and have any news on why we have two sisters named Constance, I’d love to know.

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