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As we have discovered from James Ryan Caddy’s obituary, he left for Australia with his wife Constance Annie Carson and their newborn son Thomas Hollingsworth Caddy, who was christened only days before the “Lady Douglas” left London for Fremantle on the 20th April 1884, arriving in Fremantle on the 9th July 1884.

The following images are of the Passenger List dated 9th July 1884 and newspaper article announcing the arrival. Arrivals were often noted in the papers a month before the vessel was to arrive. Maybe advising relatives at the port of arrival that their relatives were on board. We are also fortunate with this newspaper entry as full names are given. That often was not the case.

It is also worth noting the names of the fellow passengers. Were any of these people friends of the Caddy’s? Family maybe? Note that James Caddy’s middle name is Ryan, the surname of his mother. At the bottom of the passenger list are 3 Ryan’s. Could they be related?

If you would like a copy of the full page for the Passenger List of the “Lady Douglas”, please use the contact me link at the top of this page.

LadyDouglasPassengerList PassengerListLadyDouglas


THE Lady Douglas (Capt. Stephens) left London for Fremantle on April 20, consigned to Messrs. W. D. Moore & Co. The following is a list of her passengers (steerage) : James Caddry, Constance Caddry, Thomas H. Caddry, Edwin Tomlinson, Esther Tomlinson, Elizabeth Tomlinson, Edward Tomlinson, Ernest Tomlin- son, Wallace Tomlinson, Mary Tomlinson, Evelyn M. Tomlinson, Ada Tomlinson, Leonard Tomlinson, Patrick O’Keepe, Mary O’Keepe, Patrick O’Keepe, Johanna O’Keepe, Ellen O’Keepe, Timothy Ryan, Michael Byan, and Mary Jane Byan.


Note the spelling of the name as being Caddry. Now that’s different!


Ref: SRO of Western Australia, Chronological list of Inwards passentgers from overseas to Fremantle 1880-1898; Accession: 503; Roll;210Sourced from Ancestry Ref: The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), Saturday 7 June 1884, page 3Sourced from Trove


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