Bankruptcy: 1903

Nearly 20 years after the Caddy’s arrived in Australia, James was in partnership at the iron works of Avonside Foundry in Northam, Western Australia. In the May of 1903, James Ryan Caddy, finds himself in the bankruptcy court. He declared himself as being a married man, with a family of thirteen, ranging in age up to nineteen years.

James Caddy. ironmoulder, Northam; date of order, May 14 Receiving orders: C. G. Strickland: date of order. May 7. James Caddy: date of order, May 12. First meeting and public examination: James Caddy, June 9.—–Ref: [The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), Saturday 16 May 1903, page 6]

RuinedbyLitigation9June1903 RUINED BY LITIGATION, James Caddy attributed his bankruptcy to his estate having been, absorbed by law costs, as the result of long litigation over a partnership. His liabilities amounted to £400, and although he was working at his trade, he could not discharge them. His creditors wanted to allow him 30s. a week but as he had thirteen children, he could not agree to this. The inquiry was adjourned for a week.—-Ref: [The Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 – 1950), Tuesday 9 June 1903, page 7]

Re J. Caddy. The public examination of James Caddy, ironmoulder, Northam, was proceeded with. Debtor said he had been a partner in the Avonside Foundry, Northam, until two or three years ago. Since then he had been a journeyman tradesman. The liabilities were in connection with the partnership. There had been long litigation, and the balance of the partnership assets had been swallow ed up in law costs. During arbitration proceedings, he had been idle for nine months. He had anticipated getting something out of the estate. His liabilities amounted to £318, and his assets were nil. He was a married man, with a family of thirteen, ranging in age up to nineteen years, and was only in receipt of wages. His creditors had tried to obtain 30s. per week from his wages, and he was forced to seek the protection of the Court. The examination was adjourned for a fortnight.—-Ref: [ The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), Wednesday 10 June 1903, page 3]


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  2. Raymond says:

    well done Jenny,very interesting,What a blow it must have been

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